Friday, 5 February 2016

Why do VAV box suppliers encourage owners to retrofit to DDC controls?

Variable air volume boxes as a part of HVAC systems in a building or facility have been in use for a long time. For more than thirty years variable air volume units have been providing comfort in the form of perfectly conditioned air to hundreds if not thousands of people at a time who are all located in the same open air space.

In today’s market you will find many different kinds of variable air volume boxes today. If you are on the lookout for HVAC items such as these, and others such as displacement units, all you have to do is look for the right VAV box suppliers. If you are able to find reliable and highly reputable VAV box suppliers then you will find that they stock variable air volume systems of all natures, that are suited to different purposes and load capacities. On the flip side, if you are working with a lot of variable air volume boxes then you will find a wider range of such systems, dating from years ago to brand new variable air volume system.

Some of these variable air volume boxes will be simple shutoff systems, while others will be more technologically advanced. The vast majority of them, however, will be in need of some sort of repair or replacement, especially in terms of the controls. If the controls on a variable air volume system are not reliable, then the entire system is not reliable. For this very reason many VAV box suppliers will recommend that, instead of constantly repairing and testing the system, building owners and contractors retrofit their existing VAV box with pressure independent DDC controls. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with older VAV boxes with electronic controls. Some of the many benefits of retrofitting with DDC are:
1. Improved Function: 
DDC controls enable users to see operational variables which allow for more accurate and controlled heating and cooling responses.

2. Improved Efficiency:
DDC controls also allow users to make more accurate adjustments in different modes.

3. Improved Overall Efficiency: 
Installing a whole system of DDC VAV boxes will provide feedback which can help optimize fan operation and reduce energy consumption.

VAV boxes have a lot to gain from being retrofitted with DDC controls, and the biggest bonus to this are the long term energy savings which amount to a significant sum.

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