Thursday, 6 April 2017

Know About Different Types of Ducts from Ducting Suppliers

Air ducts can be defined as passages or conduits that are used for HVAC purposes or heating, ventilation and air conditioning in order for the delivery as well as the removal of air. Here the airflows include exhaust air, supply air and return air. These ducts also deliver a ventilation air as part the particular supply air. As such, an air duct is used as a method for ensuring an acceptable thermal comfort as well as good quality of air indoors. High quality air ducts are a motivational point of many ducting suppliers these days.

The different types of air ducts

The different types of air ducts are as follows:

1. The galvanized iron ducts or GI ducts

GI ducts or Galvanized iron ducts are manufactured at the state of the art factories as per the customer requirements. Accessories such as components, attachments and fittings are manufactured by KAD Air Conditioning by using the highest quality and the finest grade of cutting edge technology and material.

2. Mild steel ducts or MS ducts

MS ducts are fabricated from cold rolled sheets or hot rolled sheets with the help of a fully welded construction in order to achieve full proof leak proofing. These are also mainly used for the kitchen exhaust because of an inherently ire resistant characteristic.

3. Stainless steel ducts or SS ducts

KAD is a very experienced company as far as manufacturing rectangular stainless steel ducts is concerned. These ducts are used in areas where hygiene is the top most priority as well as in exposed areas such as a kitchen exhaust.

4. An aluminum duct or an AL duct

KAD is a very experienced company as far as manufacturing of rectangular ducts as well as aluminum is concerned. The material is manufactured based on the environment that it might get exposed to during the course of its usage by the customer.

KAD Air Conditioning is one of the best air conditioning duct suppliers mainly because of the superior quality of material used in the manufacturing processes. These processes help in making the product durable and highly efficient. Satisfied customers have always been the key for KAD Air Conditioning.

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