Friday, 3 March 2017

The Best PPR Supplier in the Middle East

Bin Dasmal Group is the leading dealer of PPR pipes and fittings in UAE. In today's date, there is a lot of demand for the plumbing services. It is necessary for every field to maintain the proper flow of water. The PPR pipes are the Polypropylene Random Copolymer pipes, which are mostly used in the plumbing works. These pipes are better than those other pipes in various segments. These are manufactured with appropriate standards of DIN 8077/8078.

There are a lot of features of PPR pipes, which help them to retain their functionality, such as:

1. They are used for both hot and cold water, without any breakdown.

2. These pipes have a unique multi-layered design, which increases the strength 
of the pipes.

3. The PPR pipes are non-calcifiable and non-corrosive in nature, which makes them the most hygienic and non-toxic piping system.

4. These pipes offer a long durability around a lifespan of more than 50 years.

5. Due to its flexible nature, these pipes are easy to install than other piping systems.

6. Low thermal conductivity and low-pressure loss enable to PPR pipes to feature high energy efficiency.

7. The strong heat resistance property of PPR pipes helps them to carry both hot and cold water.

8. PPR pipes offer a good sound insulation which helps in preventing from water hammering.

Though it offers a lot of properties, it has earned its applications in various fields such as:-

1. It is used in HVAC systems and compressed air installations.

2. It is considered as the best piping system for rainwater utilization.

3. It has got its usage in the agricultural, horticultural and other industrial 

4. PPR pipes are mainly used in carrying the chilled water in an air conditioning 

5. The hot water for both commercial purposes and residential purposes are carried out by this piping system.

Due to all these advantages of this piping system, the PPR pipes and its fittings are on a high demand and this demand has been balanced by the Bin Dasmal Group as the leading PPR pipe supplier in UAE. The company provides PPR pipes of high quality and durable nature to help clients get the best return on their investment on these pipes.

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