Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Choosing the Right Kind of Compressor for Your Refrigeration System

A compressor is the heart of a refrigeration unit. It has to be efficient and should last long. Friga Bohn refrigeration products and compressors last long and the compressors of the company have exceptional quality and reliability. RefComp compressors manufacturers also produce a wide variety of reliable compressors that are used in residential, commercial and marketplace settings. The compressors should be chosen on the basis of their capacity. 

Below are the different compressors detailed on the basis of their capacities.
The cooling process can use any of the 5 compressors
Piston compressor: 
The compressor has a piston that runs back-and-forth. The piston compressors are preferred for applications below 10 tons. They can also be used for the 10 to 20-ton applications as they provide for better cost efficiency.
Rotary compressor: 
The compressor consists of a central rotor that rotates within the cylinder. Rotary compressors are used for smaller applications that are mostly employed in the residential settings. They offer good features when used for applications below 5 tonnes.
Scroll compressor: 
This compressor consists of 2 parts that have the shape of a spiral. One of the spirals has fixed position while the other has an orbiting motion.
Screw compressor: 
This compressor has 2 rotors having the shape of a screw. One of the screws is termed as male screw and the other as female screw. The screw compressors are quite popular for the refrigeration systems used in the large industrial and commercial markets. They have a wide capacity range that can vary from 20 to a greater of 750 tons.
Centrifugal compressor: 
This compressor has a multi-blade impeller that works at high speed. The centrifugal compressors are used in the largest of refrigeration systems. They are used in systems that have more than 150-ton capacity. The maximum capacity of these compressors can be up to 10,000 tons, but some can have a custom built application capacity of even 2000 tons.
Choose a compressor on the basis of its capacity. While investing in a compressor having a larger capacity than required can cause loss of money and higher energy bills, the use of smaller compressors may not provide adequate cooling. RefComp compressor manufacturers offer you product details that can help you chose the best compressor, and you can also reach the customer services department of the company to get the precise recommendations.

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