Thursday, 17 December 2015

The merits of flexible AC ducting in Oman

Many companies in the business of offering MEP maintenance in Oman prefer to use flexible AC ducts during installation projects. This preference is heavily credited to the many displayed advantages of using flexible AC ducts. They are thought to be highly convenient all the way from storage to installation. These advantages are:
Packaging: One of the biggest reasons so many companies that offer AC ducting in Oman prefer flexible AC ducts is the packaging. Hard metal air ducts take up more room in factories and warehouses, and during their transportation as well.

Reduced cost of labor: Many companies that offer AC ducting and other MEP services perform a job that is intensive in terms of labor. Using a product like flexible AC ducting reduces these costs quite significantly. The packaging itself shows that flexible duct takes up less room, which means extra capacity and efficiency.

Usage: Flexible AC ducting is most often used in places and conditions where heavier metal duct lines cannot be installed, such as turns. Companies that offer AC ducting in Oman also state that though flexible AC ducts have to work harder than metal ducts, correct installation and maintenance can help them do an even better job than metal ducts. 

Sound insulation: Flexible AC duct needs to be correctly installed by experienced professionals, and when it is, it has a sound insulating and containing effect.

Cost effective: Installing a hard metal duct comprises of installing a hard pipe and covering it with a large amount of duct wrap. Flexible AC ducts are installed faster and don’t require additional duct wrap. 

Lower risk of air leakage: Metal ducts are made up of distinct parts which can be easily observed in the considerable number of seams running through them. This can lead to air leakage. Flexible duct systems contain much fewer seams which reduce this possibility in the long run.

It is clear to see that flexible AC duct provides several advantages to its application over traditional metal ducts. However, it is not a material to be abused. Air duct installations work best when one combines the strengths and advantages of both metal ducting and flexible AC ducting in Oman.

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